Crypto Currency Explained for Australian Food Traders

Bitcoin Food

  What else is there to do during a pandemic, but learn Web design, and of course get into Crypto. A warning though, crypto is highly addictive. I’m mostly interested in how I can adapt this into my business, my everyday life and the potential to help humanity in a whole.  I believe that crypto […]

Market Traders Handbook – OUT NOW

Elfreds of the Peninsula Ebook

Introducing a fantastic new self-help book – ‘This Little Piggy Went To Market‘   This book has been launched recently by a close friend and fellow marketeer Fred Johnson. Fred is a local of the Mornington Peninsula and you could swear he knows every single local and vice versa.   Fred has been running Elfreds […]

Small Steps to Covid Normal. Who will be left?

Victorian Roadmap Events industry

I might have taken our mobile food business for granted, working on the weekends, making an ok living and having a good lifestyle. This is on the back of years of hard work in our restaurant and working in boring jobs.   Never did we think the sounds of crowds the busy noise of a […]